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Monkey Exclusive
Golf Club


The first chance to hop into the Club will be in

The perfect place for Monkey and Golf lovers


the most exclusive club on solana

Have you ever wondered being part of the next exclusive NFT project? If you’re reading this, you finally have a chance.

M.E.G.C. is a newborn project about Monkeys, golf, and metaverse. This Club will be Exclusive: not anyone will be able to be part of this!


1110 Golfer Monkeys and 111 Elite Monkeys. Minting in small batches. Listing Exclusively on Magic Eden and then… Golf Court NFTs, exclusive parties, a private token: $YGB (Yellow Golf Ball) as a passive income to owners.

But let’s talk about the REAL Club! 10% of the project income will be used to buy a slice of digital land in the upcoming Solana Metaverse projects (eg Sanbox - Decentraland on Eth.). On that land we will build our Exclusive Golf Club for all the Monkey members, isn't that amazing?

You can find more info about the M.E.G.C. on our Discord server



Join our discord server to see the roadmap


The team behind M.e.g.c.


SOLid SOLdiers is a team focused and dedicated to Solana blockchain. We have big skills on project design, development and community management.

In this new and exclusive project we will use all the skills developed through our 10+ months of Solana project development: if you have experience in other projects you'll notice our big expertise and deep knowledge aroung SOL projects.

We have the focus to reward those who manage to get into this exclusive Club. Like real Golf Clubs we will grant privileges and passive incomes, alongside with the huge value your NFTs will gain overtime. Be warned: secondary market fees will be pretty high (15%), so people will think twice before selling their M.E.G.C. Monkeys. 

We are all skilled devs and with succesful NFT Project on their back, we won't let you down.

The hardest thing though is to join the Club, we wish you good luck!

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